My Role

ShellyAllenMy role isn’t to tell you what to do or how to do it. In fact, I might not even know all the answers to your challenges or problems.

My role is to help you get to the most empowered place, emotionally, you can be.

Because once you’re there — no matter what you’re going through — you will be able to find your own answers and solutions — the ones that are perfect for YOU.

And you will be able to see what is possible for your own life.

How I Help You

The way I will do this is thru a series of gentle, yet specialized processes and interventions that will help you uncover who you REALLY ARE by getting you reconnected to your body and how you are feeling inside.

Because your body is your messenger and whenever you feel pain, whether it is physical or emotional, that is your body’s way of telling you something is not right and out-of-balance.

Unfortunately, we are so bogged down with life, the crappy things that have happened to us, the unhealthy foods we eat, the stress we live in, the toxins in the air we breathe — we no longer notice when our body is talking to us.

In a nutshell, I will help you access and identify where you are at emotionally (in other words, how you are feeling) and then help shift you to a higher, more empowered place.

Why is this Important?

Because emotions have been calibrated and if you are not functioning in a highly calibrated emotional state, your choices and decisions, regarding an area of your life, will be limited.  I say “regarding an area of your life” because according to Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., “Levels of consciousness (or emotions) are always mixed; a person may operate on one level in a given area of life and quite another level in another area.”

For instance, have you ever seen a woman who is highly successful in her career, yet her home life is a complete mess?

Or what about the woman who is a fantastic mother but her marriage is falling apart?

Or the financial planner who has to claim bankruptcy because they couldn’t manage their own finances? (I know that is kind of extreme but you get what I’m saying?)​

Plus science has shown us that we experience our reality through our beliefs.

Most of us, however, are not even aware (or conscious) of our beliefs because they were instilled in us at a very early age — by our parents, siblings, teachers, authority figures, religion and society, etc. And more often than not, those instilled beliefs were disempowered and self-limiting.

While a belief is nothing more than a habitual thought — our thoughts stir up our emotions — and if those habitual thoughts don’t make you feel all that great — your life will be like driving a car with a flat tire. It won’t go that smooth.

My Case and Point?

Have you ever:

…tried to diet (who hasn’t) only to see the pounds melt away but come back with a vengeance?

…started a New Year Resolution only to have forgotten about it two weeks in?

…gotten into a brand new relationship only to end up in the same place as the last one?

…went from mentor to mentor from shiny object to shiny object and you are still looking for the answer?

…joined a brand new company only to join another one because the other new one didn’t work out?

Me too (and embarrassingly, more than once.)

When that happens — It has very little to do with how much you exercise, what you eat, your good intentions, your new partner, mentor, shiny object or your new company.

It has everything to do with where you are at emotionally and is a direct reflection of the choices you have made by how you’re feeling underneath the surface.

The Great News

You have the ability to change all that — by breaking those habitual thought patterns which are causing those uncomfortable feelings —  and begin a new, empowered thought pattern that will bring you to a free and happy place — where real and lasting change takes place.


AboutMe7Decision Time

Are you ready to:

…live the life you desire?

…feel great about yourself?

…create real and lasting change?

…experience long-term success in life?

…get back in the driver’s seat and take control?

All you have to do is take my hand and learn more about the Discovery Call by clicking HERE.

More Happy Clients...

I had an opportunity to take advantage of getting empowerment coaching from Shelly Allen. I want to let everyone know if you get the chance to get coaching from Shelly you are one lucky person. She helped me with several issues that were holding me back. I have since felt better in life and learned things to help me become a happier person. Thank You Shelly for all you have done. - Kelly S Elliott

Kelly S. Elliott
Angela Dugan

From the first call I felt as if I could trust Shelly. She is down to earth, thoughtful and wise. I have done one on one work and group work before and was a bit skeptical. I kept thinking, "What could she possibly teach me that others have not?" Shelly had a big hurtle to over come with me and she did. If you just try to trust in the process and in Shelly you will find yourself looking at your life in a new way. - Angela Dugan