Hey!  It’s Shelly Allen.  I am glad you’re here and thank you for checking out my About Me page.

How It All Started & What I Learned

For years, my life was an uphill battle and the constant war inside felt normal because I had lived like that ever since I could remember.  

I was an only child.  My mom was a stressed out workaholic.  My dad was a laid back alcoholic.  As you can imagine, those two mixed as well as oil and vinegar.  By the time I was eleven, I became the product of divorce.AboutMe6

Almost immediately, I became wildly rebellious and meaner than a rattlesnake.  And sadly — I lost my trust in people and in myself.

As a teenager, after experiencing years of emotional abuse, slaps across the face, wooden spoons on the ass, being chased with a knife and threatened to be driven into the side of a hill by my mother and feeling abandoned and unworthy by my father, I went looking for love in all the wrong places.  

Sex, drugs and alcohol became my best friends.

By the time I was seventeen, my mother was completely fed up because she couldn’t control nor handle my rebellious nature and kicked me out.  

This is just a teeny, tiny snippet of my life.  

It has lots of twists and turns.  Death, adultery, divorce, car accidents, cancer, children, yo-yo dieting, fist-fights, abortion, dirt bike accident, plastic surgery, over-eating, heavy drinking, strip clubs, job-loss, foreclosure, and a lawsuit have all had a season in my life.

Knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have changed a thing because hindsight being 20/20, not only did coming from that blue color, broken home teach me what wasn’t going to be acceptable for my life but more importantly it taught me what was.

My Wake Up Call

For the sake of time, I will go back to the day my light bulb came on and stayed on.

It was July 2011, I was on the phone with a colleague and I distinctly remember saying something that would change the course of my life.  

I mumbled the words, “I think I might be in the wrong business because I do not like people.”  

Almost immediately after spewing those words, I thought to myself, “I don’t like people, who said that?”  

It was at that moment I realized it wasn’t me who mumbled those words.

It was that part of me that not only caused me to play small but it also caused me to sabotage any type of success, personally or professionally, I was able to create because it constantly whispered stuff to me like:

“No one will listen to you.  You can’t get paid for that.  You didn’t go to college.  Who do you think you are?   You can’t do that.  You’re going to fail.  There must be something wrong with you.  You’re so weak you can’t even control your eating.  He is going to leave you.  You’ve been this way you’re whole life.  Success isn’t for you.  You’re too stupid.” … and the relentless list goes on.

What Happened Next

Flabbergasted at my realization, I pondered a few questions. 

“Who was that part of me?  Why was she always babbling on?  Why do I even listen to her?”
 And more importantly…“Where was I in all this?”

I mean I knew I existed because if I didn’t, how could I hear that part of me always talking, right? 

Fast forward to January 2012, a friend pointed me to some unusual yet very interesting, soul-feeding, personal development work. 

I was extremely grateful because after watching “The Secret” way back in 2006, I had been putting “bits and pieces” together about as fast as cold honey pouring out of a jar.

And I was so tired of the war going on inside, I was open to anyone or anything that could help me because by that time, I had hit a really low point in my life.


This was in 2011 just days before my “light bulb” came on!

Personally — when I looked in the mirror I saw an overweight, frumpy mom staring back at me.  I was pissed off because I was overwhelmed by taking care of everyone but me.  I ate excessively and secretly obsessed the scale. I drank way too much.  My marriage was shaky at best and I was sick and tired of pretending everything was okay because behind the scenes it was far from it!

Professionally — I no longer loved what I was doing plus I had just lost thousands of dollars when a business venture went sideways.

I was exhausted but thank goodness that I had enough left in me to jump into this new work because for the first time in my life so many things were becoming clear.  No wonder my life had been such an uphill battle.  Wherever I went there I was lugging the same old stories around with me — for years.


Ahhh — Sweet Relief


After submerging myself into the work, a whole new world opened up to me.   My life was no longer filled with fear, anger, guilt, shame or the stories of my past.

I have learned how to make myself a priority. 

I no longer eat excessively and I couldn’t give a shit about the scale. 

I am alcohol free.  

My marriage, which was on the brink of divorce, is the best it has ever been in 21+ years.

I live with purpose and passion.  

The facade has faded away and most importantly — the other part of me, she’s content and quiet now.  We live together — peacefully.


Do You Know What I Am Talking About?

Do you ever hear that part of you that rears her ugly head and starts whispering in your ear about all the things you can’t do and will never be able to do?

She tells you things about yourself, that in a very real moment, you wouldn’t allow anyone to say to you.  But with her, you do — you let her thoughts run rampant and rule your life.  Bogging you down, making you feel dark, heavy and afraid.

I get it because I have been there.

I have felt lonely, unheard and resentful.  I have felt like I’ve needed to cry but couldn’t. I have felt like I needed a hug but wasn’t able to ask.  At times my stress level has been so high, I couldn’t see straight. I have been so damn angry and I have felt so stuck.

The question I finally had the courage to ask myself is the same question I am going to ask you:  “Are you ready to start living the life that you crave so deeply and and more importantly, deserve?”

I could feel your “YES!” from here and that is marvelous because the moment I said, “YES!” — something shifted in me as it will for you.

Out of nowhere, people like my friend and even people who were complete strangers, started sprinkling breadcrumbs of wisdom on my path.

Like I mentioned earlier — I was so tired of the war going on inside, I was open to anyone or anything that could help me.  I devoured those breadcrumbs and have never looked back.

Here is what I have come to learn.  Everything in life happens for a reason and it is perfect timing that you are reading these words right now.

I know how you’re feeling.  A little hesitant.  A little unsure.  A little afraid. But curious because you want relief from your current way of life.

Well guess what?  I can help you.  I can help you reconnect with your own strength, gain a new perspective and more importantly, I can help you tame that voice in your head so you can live with it — peacefully. 

The only way out is through so you can think of me as your guide.  All you have to do is grab my hand and we will walk through the fire together.  Click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of this page and take the first step now.dragonfly-detail-orange

Things You Should Know About MeAboutMe4

I drop an occasional F-Bomb — okay more than occasional.

I love my Yoga pants even though I don’t do much Yoga.

I love drinking water.

I love Facebook.

I don’t watch any news media.

I can smell bullshit.

I practice what I teach. dragonfly-detail-mint

Who I Serve

From stay-home-moms to grandmas, single to divorced.  From home business owners to corporate career women,  chicken growers to models.  My clients come from a multitude of backgrounds.

However, I find, the common thread they all share is their longing to escape from the proverbial box they’ve been stuck in.  They want to feel satisfaction and meaning in their life and they want to trust again.

My clients know, in their heart of hearts, they are meant to do big things in this world, yet they feel terrified — inside — to shine because of the secrets they guard so closely.

But underneath it all, my women are resilient and tenacious.  

Instinctively they realize, suffering silently alone for years is no longer the answer.  They have the courage to take a leap of faith because they know with a little support, anything is possible. Investing in themselves, digging deep and doing the work — is what they do.

Over time, with effort and with me as their guide, my clients learn how to reconnect with their own strength and ultimately become unstoppable in creating the long-term success they desire in life.dragonfly-detail-bone

Professional Bio

AboutMe5After spending more than 11 years as a professional in the direct sales, network marketing industry and investing in extensive marketing and mindset education, in 2012 at the age of 42, Shelly Allen made the decision shift gears and make a change so she could help support other women.

Because after working with literally hundreds of women, herself included, Shelly noticed a pattern.  No matter how hard women would try to create the lifestyle they desired, they could never get beyond a certain point.

Shelly soon came to realize it wasn’t just within that industry. It was everywhere and at epidemic proportion.  Whether they were aware of it or not, women are under the influence of that part of them that loves to keep them small and self-sabotaging.   She has since gathered the most cutting-edge transformational techniques to help women reconnect with the greatest version of themselves and live the life they desire.

Shelly Allen has a Master Empowerment Coach Certification. She also studies Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Energy Kinesiology.

Women flock to Shelly because of her abundant mindset and no nonsense attitude. She is a master at keeping it simple and has a way with words. Her secret ingredient is being able to see your magic when you don’t.

Shelly lives in Arizona with her husband, three children, two cats and two dogs.


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