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Are You Tired of Allowing that Incessant (Negative) Chatter in your head sabotage all your efforts towards Living the Life You Desire?  Are You Ready to Finally Step into the Promising Future You know is in Reach? Have You Tried to Do it alone, (without success) and are finally Open To Have Someone (Who's Been there) Take Your Hand, And Guide You through to the Other Side of Fear?

I’m Shelly Allen & I Will Teach You How to Get It* Together so You Can Live the Life You Desire.













* = Your Emotional Well-being.

Nicole Moorey

Coaching with Shelly was exactly what I needed to move through a major life transition. Her warmth, listening, insight and spark immediately reassured me that she was the perfect coach for me. Different than my well-intentioned family and friends, Shelly brought a neutral perspective to our calls so I felt safe to let out all of my true feelings, thoughts and plans. She helped me eliminate my fears and explore all my options which put me at ease knowing I was making the right decisions. In the end, things turned out better than I dreamed they would, and I have Shelly to thank for giving me the confidence to take those big actions toward my greatest life. I'll never forget Shelly's role in my big leap, and I would recommend her wise counsel to anyone who's ready to take their own leap ahead to a truer and brighter future! ~Nicole Moorey

The Dragonfly

"Having flown the Earth for 300 million years, dragonflies symbolize our ability to overcome times of hardship. They can remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness."


Sabrina Jones

Shelly Allen is truly a Master Empowerment Coach. After every session with Shelly I thought, “Wow, she’s good!” She lovingly walked me through the empowerment process, holding my hand every step of the journey. As a result, I am a better woman and will become a better coach because of my experience with her. Shelly’s sessions have catapulted me beyond any point I could ever get to on my own. I am forever grateful knowing Shelly in my corner and I am sure any future client of hers will be as well. ~ Sabrina Jones

“Shelly Allen I have you to thank for coaching me through my challenging time last fall. You helped me acknowledge what mask I was hiding behind. Once that was taken off and I was compassionate with myself I was able to embrace my husband for the man he is. It's amazing how we 'think' that hiding behind a mask is safe yet when we allow ourselves to shine and be whom we really are, there is no greater feeling and freedom. Life is so much simpler and peaceful.” - Michele Dallaire

Michele Dallaire


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